EMOLUX Combi HD Variable Fader ND + CPL Polarizer Filter

This Emolux combi 2 in 1 filter is a world first and allows both variable ND and polarizing to be used together or separately.


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emolux filterThe Emolux Digital Combi Variable ND + CPL filter (NDP filter series) is a WORLD FIRST new 2 in 1 filter series which combined variable ND from ND2-ND400 with the effect of circular polarizer and polarizing lock designed specially for DSLR, mirrorless and full frame cameras.

This new filter series allows both variable ND and polarizing to be used together or separately. Variable ND combined multiple ND and various light intensity ranging from ND2 to ND400 can be adjusted by the front rotating ring within the min and max range. To cut off reflection at any selected ND level, the quick adjustment knob located at the centre ring can be rotated independently until the undesired reflection is cut off completely.

All rings are anodized in matt black and glass edges are darken to minimize external reflection. Newly constructed slim filter design allows wide angle lens to be used without vignette.

These Emolux combi filters can extend your capabilities enabling you, for example, to:

  • Capture flowing water motion and reduce reflections
  • Create different cloudy effects by adjusting the light intensity from 1-8 f/stop
  • Reduce unwanted reflection and enhance picture contrast
  • Increase sky contrast, reduce water reflection and create water motion effect


Density Control: ND2-ND400 / 0.3-2.6
(equivalent 1-8 f/stop)
Circular polarizing cut-off efficiency: 99%
Mechanical construction: Slim rotating ring
Polarizing adjustment: Adjustment knob with lock
Wide lens compatibility: Yes
Maximum height (excluding male threads): 13.2mm
Ring finishing: Matt black anti reflection
Available diameters: 58mm to 82mm
Included accessories: Microfibre filter pouch, front cap and PRO microfibre optical cleaning cloth

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