OHNAR Digital Slide Duplicator (No Stepping Rings Required) – 52mm


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For film and digital cameras, 52mm filter thread

This Slide Duplicator screws into the 52mm filter thread of film or digital cameras (up to 62mm with optional step-up rings). 52mm Since most modern compact cameras now have automatic white balance, you can virtually use any light source to illuminate the slides for copying.


What you can do with a duplicator

  • Best results are obtained with well exposed, low to medium contrast slides.
  • Filter effect can be added by placing suitable filters between camera and duplicator.
  • Create more drama in video presentations by using the zoom lens to home-in on the centre of the slide and so creating a sense of motion.
  • Add sound to your photo presentation by using the Audio Dub feature on your camera.
  • The lens of the Digital Duplicator can be used as a +10 close-up lens.
  • Stepping Ring for your camera filter thread can be obtained from 46-67mm.
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C1334 Slide Duplicator, (1:1), 52mm


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