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MQ-LM30 Light Meter for measuring 199.99 Ambient light, Flash light, Light contrast

With a simple design and separate operating buttons the MICNOVA MQ-­LM30 Light Meter is very easy to use. Both ambient and flash (cord and cordless) modes allow quick and easy accurate settings for cameras instantly.
The MICNOVA MQ-­LM30 Light Meter is designed for measuring brightness of a subject before the actual taking of an image. During photography the light meter can provide the aperture or shutter speed for the photographer when the exposure value is available. Alternatively, the Light Meter can provide correct aperture for the photographer with the shutter speed known. Very helpful for studio photography and cinematography.


  • Measuring System: Incident for Flash and Ambient Light
  • Measuring Modes Ambient Light: EV Metering / Shutter Priority Metering
  • Receptor Head: Rotatable, 270 degrees
  • Aperture / Shutter Priority: Shutter Priority
  • f / stop Display range: f 0.5 -­ f90
  • Shutter speed: Ambient: 1.0sec. -­ 1/8000 sec.
  • Shutter speed -­ flash: 1.0 sec. -­ 1/500 sec.
  • EV range (ISO -­ 100) Display range: EV -­5 -­ EV26.2
  • Measuring range EV 0 -­ EV 19.9
  • Cine speeds: 8 f s -­ 128 f/s
  • Power source: 3 x AAA batteries (Not included)
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MQ-LM30 Light Meter


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