Seagull MRC-80+ Macro LED Ringflash and Continuous Video Light


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A NEW multi function LED ringflash and continuous video light. The all-in-one solution for stills and video photographers.

  • Utilising high quality LEDs, it can also be used as a normal light.
    In flash mode, it is 4 times brighter.
  • The Seagull MRC-80 + FLASH can be triggered by a camera as well as a remote controller.
    Brightness can also be adjusted when used as a Light.
  • The Seagull MRC 80 + FLASH can be fitted to most DSLR lenses with Stepping Rings of threads 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm or 72mm, included.


LED light Power output 5w
Colour temperature: 5800k
Brightness 480 lumens
Flash Index 8.5ft. (ISO100, 1/60s)
Powered by 4pcs. AA batteries

Datasheet (download)



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