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Kauser Hitecloth


The Hitecloth Microfibre Cleaning Cloth for use with photo equipment & lenses, phones, TVs, HiFi, IT devices, jewellery, musical instruments and much more.

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The Hitecloth Microfibre Cleaning Cloths are perfect for use with dSLRs, lenses, camcorders and many other items of photographic equipment.  They’re also great for keeping screens clean so you can use them on phones, tablets, TVs and monitors.

Being non-scratching and excellent at picking up dirt and oily residues, you can also use them to clean lots of other items including televisions, stereo equipment, CDs, photocopiers, jewellery, musical instruments and much more.

Special features

  • Washable
  • Does not produce any dust
  • Soft touch that will not harm delicate surfaces
  • Excellent water and oil absorption
  • Excellent cleaning performance with just a light wipe
  • The special high density fabric means extremely good absorption by the large total filament area
    Care and cleaning
  • The Hitecloth can be safely washed in mild detergent but should not be washed with other fabrics. If required, iron using low temperature settings
  • The Hitecloth will retain its original cleaning effectiveness even after multiple washings

Datasheet (download)


Ivory on Blue, Ivory on Gold, Ivory on Green, Ivory on Red


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