Emolux HD Combi Filters – World First!


If you’ve ever tried your hand at landscape photography you will soon have realised that there is more to it than just pressing the button and letting the camera do the rest. In fact. even in this digital, auto-everything age, there is far more to it than meets the eye!

With this in mind, EMOLUX have produced a special filter that combines the effects of TWO FILTERS INTO ONE. What’s more, this new filter is specifically intended for the landscape photographer who wishes to capture motion-blur effects in a wide range of situations whilst, at the same time, cutting off unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces.


This filter’s versatility is enhanced by being housed in a slim, easily rotated ring, giving you the on-the-spot ability to add instant variations to any view via a simple rotation. The slimness of the retaining metalwork means that this filter is very compatible with the majority of front-threaded wide angle lenses.

There is a range of mounting diameters from 57mm up to 82mm.

In short, here is a filter which will enable you to achieve that extra special shot.

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