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Seagull DSLR-LCD Viewfinder – No Adaptor Plate


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DSLR-LCD Viewfinder solves 3 major digital problems
The emergence of more and more Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras that crossover into the film making area has created more than one problem for the enthusiast:

1. The necessity to view images continuously on the LCD screen which, in turn, effects stability and thus focus where the camera has to be handheld away from the body.

2. The inability to actually ‘see’ any image on that same screen when working in any bright lighting conditions.
3. Trying to ascertain the depth-of-field, even if you can discern that image.


How? By providing a finder that gives you a nice, large 3-inch LCD image to work
with, and then adds a 3x magnification for extra clarity. What’s more, it features quality optics consisting of three elements arranged in 3 groups.

Clipping onto the rear of your DSLR finder it provides the perfect environment for comfortable viewing incorporating, as it does, a soft motion-picture type moulded eyecup to block out extraneous light – thus letting you view a perfect image. It also offers an excellent range of continuous dioptre variations between + 4 and -4 to accommodate glass wearers. The combination of these features allows you to bring the camera in close to your body for increased stability and secure viewing and filming.

The SEAGULL DSLR-LCD FINDER is an essential tool for any serious film maker. Without it, that grouping of a small LCD screen, manual focus, razor thin shallow depth-of-field, camera shake, sunlight and glare makes shooting a video an hit-andmiss affair……
…..with it, the control is all yours!


Magnification 3x
Optic Glass 3E3G
Dimension gt;84.5*70*77mm
Diopter +/-4
LCD Size 3 inch
Product Code Product
E3030 DSLR-LCD Camera Finder
E3035 Spare Adaptor Plate


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