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IT.OHNAR Zoom Slide Duplicator for Digital SLR

This OHNAR Copier is one of the most versatile accessories you can buy. It is made in Japan to exacting standards by a workforce and design team which has specialized in this area of photography for over 40 years. It covers a magnification range of 0.6x - 1.6x At the maximum setting, the area being copied is approximately 1/6th of a full-frame 35mm original The film holder can be raised, lowered or rotated, to enable any selected area of the original to be copied.

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  • T2 fitting.
  • Film strip carrier extra
  • Measurement: 155x85x65mm
  • Weight: approx. 400g
What you can do with this copier
  • Transfer the collection of your best slides on to digital for easy storage
  • Copy a slide on to digital to produce prints
  • Selectively copy to improve composition
  • Copy an underexposed slide for more detail
  • Copy with a filter to remove colour casts
  • Copy a ‘sandwich’ of two or more slides to create a new image (add a moon to a landscape, for example)
  • Use the multiple exposure feature of your camera to create special effects with several original slides
  • Daylight or any strong light source as illumination

Product Code



W-1337 OHNAR Zoom Slide Duplicator, T2, for Digital SLR - 0.6x - 1.6x £128.95
inc. VAT
  T2 adapter (NI.OM.MIN.CA) extra £12.95
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